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A New journey...

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I started a new journey in gamedev, and I have a cool ass idea, and btw join my discord.

To those who are patient

I was bored doing the same software engineering stuff again and again and I wanted to try my hand in something I wanted to a long time ago… Gamedev, In fact one of my first projects was a game (In scratch).

I was looking at the trailer for The Last Night and I was in love with the storytelling style and I wanted to make something similar to this and undertale.

My story, well it’s about a “Finn Daito” wandering into a “Glitch Gate” and entering a world that looks like 2077, Is it a dimension? Or time travel? You need to find out yourself!

Now of course, I’m doing this in a pixel art format, and I wanted to share my progress with people, so I made a discord to have people who are interested in there, (Psst… Check out #fateway-logs)

I had a long debate on what I wanted to build with, then decided on using godot, It gets the most amount of work done in the least amount of time. I’m a huge fan of open source projects and big, AAA, Engines like unreal or unity which are ready to rob you off the profits are not my thing.

As a thank you to godot, I will also be donating 10% of the yearly income to it (Considering I make income). I will solely be working on the art, programming, music, sound effects and everything because I wanted to have a personal touch, and I just love working solo.

That’s it for the next two months, Because I have an exam coming up and I will be working on the game shortly after them only. Then we shall see weekly updates.

Cya! ❤️